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Reference documentation and written tutorials can be a chore. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Below you'll find a range of videos about BlockCypher, Bitcoin, Etheruem, and more.

An Introduction to Bitcoin

Prior to joining BlockCypher, our Developer Advocate presented an introduction to Bitcoin at Ashoka, a DC-based non-profit.

Creating a Custom Bitcoin Node in Go

BlockCypher's Chief Technology Officer dives into what it takes to build a custom Bitcoin implementation.

Bitcoin Shrugs Off Massive Attack

At the SF Bitcoin Dev Meetup, BlockCypher's Developer Advocate talks about the July 2015 spam attack.

Learn Bitcoin Script

BlockCypher's Developer Advocate explains Bitcoin Script.

Ethereum's Hardfork, Consensus, and Immutability

At the Ethereum SV Meetup, BlockCypher's Chief Technology Officer joins a panel discussion on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.